With increased economic instability, decreased job security and increased financial demands for families, both parents have been coerced into working outside the house and leaving their kids to be taken care of by strangers. Whether leaving them at a daycare centre or with a baby sitter, working night shifts as a nurse, or traveling the world as a flight attendant, parents, especially moms are missing out on some of the most important milestones in their children’s lives. Add to all this the stressors of work, and increased health concerns, lack of family work-life balance, many parents are looking for alternatives to earn more and work less. 

Generating an extra income has never been more challenging for women and families in current economic conditions. There are many women that are returning to school to compensate for the lack of self esteem in a man dominated Corporate America, convinced that getting a second, third or even a masters degree will increase their opportunities for growth within their organizations, hence spending even more time away from loved ones to pursue their career goals.

With all the stress that many parents encounter earning a living outside the house and in most times a toxic work environment, guilt plays a big role in their lives. Most working mothers especially live with guilt, and they feel the need to compensate by working harder to meet today’s societal demands, and increasingly demanding standards of living. Some families may even acquire more debt, pushing them even further into financial struggles.





There are many opportunities that women can take advantage of today to lead their own organizations.


Becoming The CEO of your life has never been easier, nor has it been more cost effective than in today’s growing momentum and increased quality products that are available to enhance people’s lives and financial situations. Every year there are thousands of women leaving their corporate JOB to start their own home-based business, and they are proving to be extremely successful at it! More and more women are realizing that it is not what they know that matters, rather it is WHO they know that is leading them to their achievements

Recently there has been an influx in information about Network Marketing companies, and the opportunities that are available to earn residual income. However not all opportunities are created equal. Choosing the right company to align yourself with is tricky and time consuming. Having to learn about the compensation plans, making sure the products are in high demand, and that they are quality products can be intimidating. I can help you! 

I have aligned myself with a global company that is in momentum and continues to grow. Additionally the compensation plan is one of the best out there, and I want to help you:

Achieve your dreams, live your life by your own design
Spend time with your loved ones, Take vacation when it suits you
Attend your children's events
Never miss out on a single milestone in your children's lives.

I will teach you how to start your own home-based business, coach you to success, and will work with you to financial freedom. I will have a special coaching program, team calls, support group and weekly team meetings, that will help you achieve your  goals. 


The question remains however, are YOU ready to take on a new opportunity? Are you cut out to be your own CEO? Are you ready to change your life and that of others by helping them achieve their dreams too?

My gift to you: A Guide to Freedom, Wealth, and More Time with Your Family