Many of us are passionate about one thing or another however not many are willing to put in the energy or the time to create something that we think is valuable with our passion. Realistically speaking we always tend to hold ourselves back by creating a story about why we cannot pursue our dreams or even why we should not! Yes you read this right, “should not!” We are born with a blank slate, but with time we learn to make up stories, whether it is through what others think of us, or through experiences we have had in our life;  we start creating stories about ourselves, and these stories tend to show up in many different areas of our lives. Many times these stories have been initiated in our youth, sometimes through what our parents say to us, our classmates, and even co-workers as we get older, mostly they are stories that other people have about us, and we somehow decided to make the shoe fit, by believing and living these stories in our daily lives and actions, and mostly in our head.

Most of the time, when we have stories about ourselves, we tend to ignore it, or even dismiss it. We even hear ourselves having a conversation in our head before we make decisions. What most don’t recognize is that these stories are exactly what creates our self-limiting beliefs. They are what hold us back from taking action, or pursuing a goal, and pursuing our dreams. I know where I am stopped because of my stories, but it did not happen overnight. I remember making excuses for not going after all that I want or dreamed of, because I was afraid, and I was listening to the conversation in my head about why I should not even try to follow my dreams. However this did not happen overnight, to be able to recognize your stories, takes energy, takes courage to stand up and be authentic, and be conscious of these conversations. Is it easy? Of course not, otherwise we would be living in a utopia where everyone is their authentic self, living their dreams and the world would be a perfect place. 

By changing the stories you tell yourself, you change your life, and you become unstuck. You are the story you tell yourself, whether it is a positive or negative story, the choice is yours. 

Here are a few tips on how to change your story:

  1. Recognize when you are telling yourself a story and identify the story. By identifying what’s stopping you and your self-limiting belief, you become more conscious of what you tell yourself. Let go of the past and be present in the moment.
  2. Change your story, create a story that you want for your life. Once you know the story that you want to create, shift your state of mind to believe that you can achieve your goals.
  3. Stop thinking about what you cannot do and start focussing on what you can do.
  4. Take action. Nothing materializes without taking action and pursuing our life goals. Keep moving forward no matter the pace!
  5. Love yourself, because when you do, everything falls into place. 

Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

I am here to help you overcome the stories you tell yourself, live life by your own design, build your own dreams and help others build their own dreams! I am on a mission to change lives, and we are a movement that provides opportunities for people to choose their paths and live a life they love, and love the life they live. I want YOU to be part of this movement and I will show you how change your life! In short, I am here to show you how to become the CEO of your life. 

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