Many of us live on this planet without ever thinking that we are here to accomplish anything significant. Many live and die as if they did not live, and they leave no legacy for others to remember them. Sadly, we are conditioned in our society to work and live a busy life being busy. We are not taught in our schools that it is important to leave behind a legacy that will help make this world a better place. As I hear of people I know passing to the other side, I have been thinking long and hard over the past few weeks about the legacy I wish to leave behind. First, I had to decide why I want to leave a legacy; in my mind this is the most important question I had to answer. There are many reasons I choose to leave a legacy, one of the most important reasons are my kids. I want to role model for them that we have not been born in vain and that we are purpose driven human beings that live to make a lasting change on this planet. It is not to be praised that we leave a legacy, or do good in general, rather it is to make a difference no matter how small it is, because it all counts! 

The legacy I decided I want to leave behind is one that cannot be measured by dollars and cents. It is one that cannot be measured by size and weight, rather it can be measured by the joy we bring to people, by the smiles we put on their faces and by helping others achieve their goals and live their dreams. I choose to role model to my children to love others, be kind, even to those who are unkind. I want my children to remember that their mom had a goal to change other people’s lives for the better. I believe that lifting people up and giving others our time and energy to see them succeed is one of the most important achievements that we can accomplish. I also decided to not teach my children how to cope with this unruly world, rather I made it my mission to teach them how to spread peace and love in order to create a better future for them and for generations to come. It is easy for us to react to what is happening around us and to play small by doing what is expected rather than what makes a difference. Living a big life requires taking big risks and these risks and when you take action and follow your heart, you will find that your legacy will help you decide on the kind of life that you want to be living. It will give you hope, joy, sense of accomplishment and pride. Leaving a legacy will also give us awareness on how to live beyond ourselves focussing on others and making a difference for others. It is the residue of a life well lived. When you shift your focus to your legacy, you inherently live authentically and live by your own core values and you live on purpose. 

We tend to always think that we have a lot of time to do the things we want in life, however, we also know that life is short and it is never too early, nor too late to start a legacy. 

“If you know when you have enough, you are wealthy,   
If you carry your intentions to completion, you are resolute,       
If you live a long and creative life, you will leave an eternal legacy”
– Lao Tzu