Am I ever glad the week is over! If anything it has been a very challenging week on ALL fronts. My eldest was sick and was admitted to the hospital, and I was unable to leave her bedside.  My son and baby T were at my mom’s and I was dying to see them and hold them. Well, the week ended with my son taking eight excruciating hours to do his homework for Arabic school and my eldest giving a hard time with her pre-teen attitude! Sometimes I wonder how other mom’s have it all figured out…or so it seems! I know for sure, I don’t have it figured out and likely never will, but I won't beat myself up because of it!

With this long week, there were many areas in my life that were tested. Some included my vulnerability, my courage, my strength, and even my patience! However, what I discovered during this week is that strength and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin. Strength is a strong suit that we use mostly as a facade to hide our vulnerability…But did we ever think that vulnerability is strength? Many confuse vulnerability with weakness, but I realized this week that by being vulnerable and allowing myself to feel and allow myself to breakdown and allow myself to feel my physical and emotional weakness, I am being courageous. I realized that vulnerability allows me to stand in the face of any storm and gather my strength to be able to reach a certain goal. Vulnerability takes strength to present itself and for us to be aware of it and face authentically our stories. 

There are many areas in our lives where we are vulnerable, and we tend to hide them thinking that we are showing our weakness. Ideally, as humans, we need to feel strong and need to have our strong suits show up in all areas of our lives. This is how we present ourselves in public, it is how we function most of the time in our daily lives; but when we take the time to be present to our vulnerability, this is the time when we realize that we can stop for a moment and let go of all the baggage we have on our shoulders and drop it so that we can free ourselves from the prison in our own head. The reward of vulnerability is that we are left with a feeling that we are not alone, because when we open up to others, we realize that many others are going through similar experiences. Nevertheless, vulnerability and strength present themselves in our lives and it is a great way to learn to be authentic and courageous beyond measure. I can say that my vulnerability was the focus of my thoughts this week because when I allowed myself to be vulnerable, I allowed for all the stories in my head to dissipate, and this has been a very freeing experience on all levels!

As Brene Brown once said “you can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability.”

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