"You are not competing to win...It's the effort that counts!" Yes, I know I may be criticized for my blog and maybe even judged, but I am tired of mediocrity. I am tired of seeing our children being told that they do not have to "win" rather it is the effort that counts. Yes, the effort is what counts, but only if you MAKE the effort to be the BEST at what you do. I believe that when we teach our children that winning is not important, and that they will get a "participation" medal anyway, whether they win or not, or whether they succeed or not, we are setting them up for a life of mediocrity. I don't remember when I was in school, or college being told that the effort I put in to study for my exams is what counts. Rather it was the exact opposite, I was required to put the effort in, and pass my exams in order to be able to move on to the next level. Whether you agree with me or not, effort does not count when you are in business, rather it is results that will earn you the money, the position or even your success, if you are self-employed. So why do we tell our children that it is the effort that counts and that they do not need to do more, be more and work harder and smarter?

Mediocrity is the disease of the century in my mind. People tend to settle on doing what they have told themselves is enough, or sometimes they do the bare minimum in order to get by. For many generations we have been conditioned that what's important is to pay the bills, live within our means and dare not dream that we can accomplish our goals or take a chance at following our dreams. We were conditioned to live in fear of the unknown and to find something that will keep us from being "JUST OVER BROKE (JOB)” in order to survive. In turn this has caused people to work crazy hours, where both parents are more likely to be out in the workforce, while the children are in someone else’s care, missing all the important milestones in their lives. The schooling system has taught us that it is important to go to school and get a JOB, rather than teaching us to be innovative and how to create the life of our dreams. Sure, it is not for everyone to be an entrepreneur, but it is important that we at least have options. With mediocrity we end up with a society that complains all the time, lots of negativity and lots of stress. When we start recognizing that we are living a mediocre life, we have the opportunity to turn this around and make changes in our actions to create a life of excellence! Life is not about perfection, rather it is about progress and excellence.  Being mediocre takes less effort, but you can only see the difference between mediocrity and world class when it is too late. 

How do we move from mediocrity to world class?

There are a few ways to shift from mediocrity to world class, though it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes focussed, deliberate and conscious effort to make the shift in our minds first then in our actions. 

  1. Ask yourself if you are truly living the life you dream of? Be honest with yourself and authentic. 
  2. Develop the strength of using your conscious brain by being deliberate in your thinking.
  3. Have a clear view of where you are and where you want to go.
  4. Have integrity: Commit to change and be accountable.
  5. Learn: read and develop the skills you need to move forward and reach your goals.
  6. Movement: Take action, and measure your progress and satisfaction in the areas you have decided to change. 

When we choose world class, there will be a lot of “Naysayers” and we will face lots of criticism, but it is the most rewarding accomplishment in our lives when we live our dreams and become world class contributors to society. Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955), Physicist & Nobel Laureate, once said “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

I am here to help you discover live a world class life, live life by your own design, build your own dreams and help others build their own dreams! I am on a mission to change lives, and we are a movement that provides opportunities for people to choose their paths and live a life they love. I want YOU to be part of this movement, in short, I am here to show you how to become the CEO of your life. 

Let me show you how…

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