This past week was a week that brought upon some very deep reflection for me. As I sat surfing the internet following my blog last Friday (August 12th, 2016) I read the news of the passing of one of our good friends. He was 34 years old, and he died in a horrific motorcycle accident. We were all devastated and to say the least this week has been very challenging. His death has given me an awakening for my own life. I have always committed to live life on purpose, for a purpose, however, I discovered that this is not enough. As I sat and reflected every waking moment, I realized that living on purpose is not the same as living with intention. I also came to the conclusion that life is extremely short and precious, that it is important we know what legacy we wish to leave behind, but I will leave this for next week's blog. 

Living with intention is at the heart of being present in every moment in our lives. It is making a conscious effort to mindfully choose how you want to spend every waking moment, how you fuel your body, your soul and what thoughts you allow yourself and choose to fill your head, because as we all know, our thoughts become our conversation that dictates our feeling and our life. I have considered how I have been living, and what my life would be like if I continued without living with intent. I discovered that intent is the essence and foundation of taking action. It is the element in which every minute spent in a day is accounted for, not a second has been wasted. Is it easy? Of course not! If it was, this world would be a much better place, since everyone would be very aware of how they are contributing to this world.  

As I pondered over life and living, I realized that when we live with intention, we are 100% focused on our goal, and we achieve results without being distracted from the real outcome that we wish to see. When we set out to fulfill our purpose in life, the sky is no longer the limit, rather we have opportunities that are innumerable, and our intention is what will motivate and inspire us to move on and take action. When we start living with intention, we discover our potential, and we fearlessly live our life and unravel the beauty within life and within ourselves. We discover what our gift to this world is, and how we can contribute using this gift we discovered about ourselves. 

The difference between intention and goals are sometimes not easy to decipher. Goals are dreams with a deadline, they are the final result that you want to achieve. However intention is what you start with and take action on to reach a goal. Intention is the blueprint to how I want to build my life, it is how I will pave the road, while goal-setting is akin to walking the paved road. I also discovered how to set an intention in order to reach my goals in life. I will share a few tips with you on living with intention daily.

Here are several tips to living with intention:

  1. Connect with the elements that bring you the most joy and that bring you satisfaction in life.
  2. Choose the most important aspect and commit to working on it in order to reach your goal.
  3. Write down one word that describes what you have just committed to, and that capture the essence of what you want to achieve.
  4. Post your intention and goals everywhere around your house so that you are constantly reminded of them.
  5. Write down the steps and take action.
  6. Rest, repeat.

I have spent almost every night awake trying to reflect on life and on how I should live my life, and I discovered that to live a fulfilled life, where I can contribute, I should start by defining my goals, purpose and living with intention. 

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