It has been over a year since I wrote anything on this blog. Heck I did not even visit my own website in over a year! To say the least, this past year and a half has been a roller coaster of events that changed my life. I took some very daring steps such as starting homeschooling for both my children, studying for my coaching certification, giving workshops on mind and body connection to children and women, as well as a surprise pregnancy and giving birth just recently (5 weeks ago) to a beautiful baby girl. With all this, my biggest challenge has been a loss of motivation and inspiration on all counts. Not making the time to contribute, and feeling overwhelmed, I felt as though I had nothing to share with the world and whatever I do has absolutely no impact or purpose any more; this despite the fact that I have always said that I would live my life on purpose and work for a purpose. 

After having my third child, I reconnected with my mission and my purpose, and decided that in order for me to be of service to others, I need to share my journey with them. I also decided that I will stop myself from continuing to wander around this planet aimlessly as I have over the past year, and be true to my life mission. This mission is to live on purpose, with purpose for a purpose. I experienced many challenges, including some health challenges that set me back on my physical fitness goals. Despite many of the challenges I was facing, I also had some very exciting experiences of freedom, including the ability to travel for six weeks with my kids to Dubai. Feeling inspired to write after so long of being unmotivated, required me to get over my fears and my stories about myself. I decided that I will take my chances and reminded myself that I have a gift to share with others. I asked myself "what would you do if someone took away your ability to write, to coach or do the things that you love to do?" The answer was clear, I would be devastated and I would be unhappy. Therefore, it was time to reset, restart, and time to follow through on my mission.  

It is not always clear to us what our purpose is, however, what is clear is that we are all here on this planet to fulfill a purpose. We are not born in vain, we were not born to live and die without impacting those around us. We are here to live big lives! We are not here to play small, and I decided that I am robbing myself of the joy of helping others discover their purpose and their true calling by playing small and not living up to my mission and my goals. To be able to find purpose in all that we do is very rewarding, and to be able to take action and work tirelessly on reaching such a goal is gratifying. Being of service and changing people's lives to create more freedom, is an experience that leaves me feeling exhilarated because I know that I am making a difference, no matter how small! To find your purpose means to truly follow your heart and allow it to guide you. Once you let go of your stories about yourself and let go of the stories as to why you are unable to accomplish your goals or dreams, dig deep and look for the reason behind your dreams, your goals and that is your purpose. 

 I am here to help you be your own CEO, live life by your own design, build your own dreams and help others build their own dreams! I am on a mission to change lives, and we are a movement that provides opportunities for people to choose their paths and live a life they love. I want YOU to be part of this movement and I will show you how to earn extra income in the pockets of your time! 

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