FEAR Strikes Again!

    Oh that word! I hear it again and again every day in my life. People always share their fears with me, and even kids share their fears in life with adults. It is one thing to hear someone else’s story about their fears, especially when you see their potential and the greatness they hold within, but it is completely different when you are the person that is holding yourself back from your greatness because of fear! These past few months, fear has gotten the best of me. The stories I keep telling myself, the fear of failure and the fear of success altogether have kept me from moving forward to accomplish my dreams, to reach for my goals and to just live my life authentically. There is nothing like being afraid when you have so much to share and so much to offer to the world, yet you are holding yourself back. It stifles you, and suffocates you until you feel that you need to take in big deep breaths to be able to keep going. 

    I have committed myself to my purpose, to living authentically, to living as though every day is my last on this earth and to leave a legacy behind that will continue to grow even after my departure. I had committed to this when I was seventeen years old on the front steps of the college I attended; however, I have been holding myself back for many years from being in touch with my own greatness. An example of my fear is when I committed earlier this week to a big announcement on social media for my business and my life, however, the week has come and gone and I have buried myself in a lot of work that I “forgot” to post the video with my announcement. I know it was not because I was busy being busy! It was because I was afraid to commit to being vulnerable, and being accountable. The butterflies in my tummy almost make me want to throw up (excuse me for this). I know that this feeling of nervousness and excitement and being afraid is only confirmation that what I am doing is really important, but fear held me back from sharing with others what I needed to share. I am sure many can relate, because we all have some story about why we are afraid and what is it that is keeping us from moving forward in our lives. 

    To face your fears, you need to be completely open and vulnerable and to being true to yourself. You must be willing to let your guard down and be able to accept the truths that come with being authentic. This does not mean that you need to be harsh and critical, rather it means you can love yourself anyway and still be willing to acknowledge your stories about why you are afraid. I have been very aware of my own inauthenticity with myself, and I have been doubting myself this whole week, and I discovered what fears have been holding me back. These included the fear of criticism from those around me, especially those I love and care about. I also recognized the fear of thinking that I do not have what it takes, and not being “good enough” to do what I want to do and take my life to the next level. Most of all however, it is the fear of succeeding that has kept me from doing what I want to do. Success sometimes can bring out the best in those around you and other times it may cause you to lose a lot of people in your life because they cannot handle your success. I am afraid of being ridiculed by those who do not know what I stand for and what I do, yet they think they can judge me anyway. This, I recognize, is the biggest inauthenticity I have been living with all week. The first step to succeed in overcoming my fear is to recognize it, acknowledge it and accept that it is a natural process in growth. Being uncomfortable is the only way to grow and with discomfort we have many feelings and emotions attached to it, and fear is the biggest one. Additionally, I wrote down each and every thought that comes to my mind about why am I stopped in my tracks, and find a solution that will help me overcome this fear. 

    The truth is that when I am authentic and work towards being more and more fearless I come up against more walls…This will not hold me back. To be absolutely fearless means that we are comfortable, and comfort is not an option! The more we are afraid, the more nervous we are, the greater the outcome and the greater the success. To this end, I am committing myself this weekend to working on my announcement, being raw and real and allowing myself to be accountable and committed to my goals and to sharing with others my journey. What I know for sure, is that exposing myself to my biggest demons is the best and surest way to conquer them and move past them. They say that the biggest breakdowns bring about the biggest breakthroughs, but what a relief when you know that your breakdowns are based on fear and that you are so close to your breakthrough! This is how I feel today, and this is how I know that I am about to unleash my best and share it with the world. I hear that voice in my head that says “what if you fail?” but my heart responds “what if I fly!” Yes, I am going to fly, and make an impact, and leave my legacy and imprint on this planet! The best description of FEAR I have ever read is “False Evidence Appearing Real.” The best quote I can come up with about fear is “Your fears become your limits,” andthe best quote I have read about fear is Jack Canfield’s quote, “everything you want is on the other side of fear.”  So stop being afraid and live your greatness!

I am here to help you discover your greatness, live a world class life, live by your own design, build your own dreams and help others build their own dreams! I am on a mission to change lives, and we are a movement that provides opportunities for people to choose their paths and live a life they love. I want YOU to be part of this movement, in short, I am here to show you how to become the CEO of your life. 

Let me show you how…

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