“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” ~Honore de Balzac

    There is always a lot to say in life about self-doubt. There is at least one time in our lives when we are at a stand still doubting ourselves and question our ability to do something. As a mother, the biggest doubt I sometimes have are my parenting abilities (maybe other parents out there can attest to this). Although it is not always something that I think about, but it does come up once in a while, especially when there is someone there to point out your failures in certain areas, as THEY see it from their perspective. Being judged and criticized for your parenting style is hard and it is very difficult to deal with sometimes, because our children did not come with a manual. Generally, parents try to do the best they can in the best way they know how to do it. 

    Doubt comes in many different shapes and sizes, as well it manifests in our actions, or shall I say, inactions. Doubt can show up in our thoughts about our ability to reach a certain life or business goal. We often create thoughts around our ability to reach a fitness goal and we end up quitting, this is one way that doubt manifests in our lives. This week has been a tough one for me, since I was judged on my ability to parent. At first, I felt offended, and became defensive of my parenting style. I am often criticized for my parenting, my decision to homeschool, my business choice and many other areas in my life. None, however, strike me and really irk me than the judgement of how I parent. I am not perfect, nor do I always make the best choices in my life, but one thing for sure, I ALWAYS consider every decision a million times when it comes to my kids! I had a few sleepless nights, and it was hard to come to terms with all the pain this created for me. I DOUBTED my ability to parent, my ability to juggle my health goals, my business goals, and homeschooling, (while my husband is always traveling for his work) with three kids including my baby who turns 13 weeks today! To say the least, I felt overwhelmed with emotions and helpless. It has drained any creative energy and kept me in a lull all week!

    Following a serious self-talk and some meditation, I decided that I will not let anyone, or give the permission to anyone to rent a space in my head and make me doubt my abilities as a parent. My style may not be someone else’s cup of tea, but what matters the most is that I feel confident that I am doing my best and giving my kids all my time, energy and love they deserve and need to grow an prosper. How did I get over my self-doubt you ask? Here are some tips on how I overcame these thoughts, that you may find helpful.


Trust your gut feelings, and yourself, regardless of what anyone thinks. It is very important when overcoming doubt.

Ground Yourself

To be grounded is to be present in the moment and letting go of all negative thoughts and judgement from others. We have the choice in allowing things to affect us or not. Do not let the committee in your head take space by instilling self-doubt.


Remember that it is all a matter of perspective. Change your perspective, you change your outcome.


Nurturing yourself and your soul is one of the best ways to eliminate doubt. It is a rebirth and a way to give yourself the love and care you need in order to thrive and shine.

Your Tribe

Having friends and connections with those who think like you and support you in your journey is key to having the confidence you need to move on and to eliminate any kind of doubt. Your tribe will be there to lift you up. Always stay connected to positive people who will lift you and love you for no other reason that being you!


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