Being the CEO of my business and a mum requires that I take on more than I had planned for in a day, especially when you put your house up for sale! However, one thing I have learned recently, is that a CEO does not trade their time for money...rather they trade money for time. That being said, and with being overwhelmed, I realized that I cannot be of incredible service for my family or my business! I started delegating tasks to others... I learned to let go of many things in which I once thought I was the only one that knows how to do, or even worse, I am the best at doing them. At first I thought it is very uncomfortable, and I had to double check everything that was being done. 

I was working hard trying to balance my time, my kids, my family and my business. This was unpleasant, and I was exhausted. My health started taking a downturn! That is when I had a wake up call. I did not want to fall into a trap of being unhealthy ever again. I wanted to remain strong and in control, but I realized that the cost of being in control is far too expensive. My life with my family is priceless! No amount of money can make up for my health being lost. I started hiring help. I hired help with my business, to do the tasks I know are my weaker points. I also hired home help...Next on my list...Maybe a chef! 

Letting go of the control of things I do not wish to complete has never felt better! The results have also been rewarding in many ways. 

  • I am relieved from the stress of mundane tasks
  • More tasks are being accomplished perfectly and on time 
  • I have more time to spend on my business
  • I have more time to be where I want to be with the loves of my life!
  • I am enjoying the freedom I feel  with letting go.

Are you overwhelmed? Do You crave this time freedom? What kind of help would you hire to relieve you of the tasks you hate the most?

I would love to hear from you so please share and comment below.

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