Working in the Corporate world, has its perks, but in reality you are not building your dream, rather you are building someone else's dreams and you are living with TDOS!

What is TDOS? Toxicity, Depression, Overworking, Stress! (P. Greenlaw) 

Most parents in today's society are working hard to earn a living. Most families are forced into leaving their children in a stranger's care in order to make ends meet. While both parents are out working, moms especially miss out on important milestones in their children's lives, feel enormous guilt and are mentally, emotionally and physically drained. In order to compensate for the lack of time spent with their children, parents and mothers are working harder to save for the future in hopes of having more time with their children. Current economic state, and lack of job stability is forcing more parents to take on work in toxic environments causing them depression, leaving them overworked, underpaid and stressed!

I created a possibility in my life to be my own CEO, live my life by design working on my dream at my own time and own rules, and I have created a life I love... Helping people get healthy and wealthy is a dream that I have carved out for my mission in life, especially when it comes to mums. I am creating a movement where women are free from pain, free from guilt, and free to live life as they dream...This has been a long time coming and it is time that CEO Mamma takes flight. I want to welcome you to my page and please like and comment on my blog. Share it with women in your life!

I am here to help you be your own CEO, live life by your own design, build your own dreams and help others build their own dreams! I am on a mission to change lives, and we are a movement that provides opportunities for people to choose their paths and live a financially stress free life! I want YOU to be part of this movement and I will show you how to earn extra income in the pockets of your time! 

Let me show you how…

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