CEO Mamma started with me, and YOU can be a CEO Mamma too!

My name is Malak Bayaa. I live in Canada, am the mother of two beautiful children, am happily married, and I am a full time stay at home mother - who earns an income.

Not too long ago, I was climbing the corporate ladder.

I never have to watch my children cry at daycare drop-off. The feeling is one of relief and joy. But before that day came, I had to find the courage to do something for my children - and myself.

I knew that I had to become my own boss.

I now show other mothers how to have financial & time freedom.

I previously worked in public service, corporate America and in the Gulf region for world renowned corporations, in marketing and communications management. I always thought that climbing up the corporate ladder and reaching the top was what I really wanted. Ah, ambition!

I thought I had it ‘all’, until...I became a mom! Something inside me shifted - the love that I felt when they laid my daughter in my arms...the feeling was all-encompassing pure love.

My career was going to take second place to that precious face.

I was still ambitious. But I realized that there was no position in anyone else’s company that would satisfy my passion for success - on my own terms. My terms were that I would be able to put my child first, earn as much money as I determined I was worth, and have time freedom.

As you can imagine - and as you may also personally have experienced - I had a dilemma. You see, I wanted the money. I wanted the challenges. I wanted the success.

But I also was completely in love with my daughter, and I wasn’t going to leave her in the full time care of other people. I didn’t want to be limited in my time with her. I didn’t want my salary capped, either.

Yep - I wanted it “ALL”.

The problem back then? Well, I didn’t know how to have it all. I didn’t even know where “ALL” was...let alone how to HAVE it!

I always loved nutrition and fitness, so I tried to stuff down my ambition by taking on part time studies. You know, ignore the problem and do something else to distract yourself? I did it! I studied Health Diet and Nutrition Sciences at Ashworth College. Then I earned a personal training designation with the American Council on Exercise.

I still kept working and was still miserable. Three years went by. I had my second child, a baby boy, and the same incredible love washed over me. I simply knew that I could not ignore the dilemma any longer. I knew I wanted to work. I love the mental stimulation of challenges - they keep my brain on its toes, so to speak. But I could not bring myself to go back to the world of corporate employment.

I wanted to work in the field of health and wellness. I had not yet used my nutrition or fitness training. Itching to get started, I didn’t know where to turn. But one day, in the middle of my search for great nutrition to help me get my weight under control (I had a failed pregnancy and six surgeries in less than two years), I found something very special.

I started taking these daily meal replacements shakes and a few supplements. I felt good. They were all natural. Then I felt even better. My energy began to even out. Within a few weeks, the before-and-after difference was undeniable. I knew I was on to something big. Every day, I grew more and more excited about my physical and mental changes: pounds of fat were being burned off, my natural high levels of energy were being restored, and my mood swings were a thing of the past.

Could it be that all this was the result of simply incredible nutrition?  

I wanted to know more about the products and the company. At the time, I was vaguely aware that the company - Isagenix - had an ‘at-home business’ component, but I did not know anything else about it. After reading about it and talking to multiple people, and of course, testing the products myself, I just could not ignore the possibilities in front of me. This was my time - this was my opportunity to take a stand for my desire of having it ‘all’...I decided to give the company and its opportunity for health & wealth my best efforts - a strong, fighting chance.

I needed to never feel worried about daycare drop-off tears or experience the wrenching guilt and heartache about being separated from my children for over 50 hours a week.

Let me say right away: I had no previous business experience in this arena. In fact, I was totally green. The good news is that it turns out I didn’t need it. And the evidence was overwhelmingly convincing - there were many other mothers who were replacing their ‘regular job’ income with their home business income - sometimes in HALF the hours that they used to work for someone else.

So I took the leap! That was in March of 2013.

Was I nervous? Yes!
Was I excited? Yes!

Everything has changed and I haven’t looked back since. That was the most rewarding and challenging - and FREEING - decision of my life. Read More >


I believe That the time you spend with your children is time that you will always cherish because it is time you will never get back.
I believe That you have the power to change your life and the lives of your family members.
I believe That you have the power to change others' lives, too.
I believe That my purpose in this world is to help women who desire financial success and time freedom to create exactly that, on their terms, so they can have it "all"...

I change the world through empowering women to live the way THEY want.
I give a helping hand to women by teaching them how to gain financial freedom and live healthily.
I give to the world by showing women that they have real, valid choices.
I help women be strong role models for their children as owners of their own businesses, rulers of their own destinies.

Do you want to “have it all” and say good bye to tears,
capped income, time pressures, guilt, frustration, and regrets?
My Gift to you: A Guide to Freedom, Wealth, and More Time with Your Family