CEO Mamma is a Movement of Moms Who
Have HAD IT With The Typical 9 to 5 Job!

Are you frustrated with long hours? Low pay?
Demanding bosses and clients?
Does your heart break a little more every day
you leave your children in daycare or with a nanny?
Do you feel guilty when you miss your childrens’ field trips,
recitals, school plays and dances, and after school activities?
Do you want to quit your job or reduce your hours to part time?
You are in the right place. I have solutions for you.


If you want to be the CEO of your own life, the CEO of your own business, and give 150% to the job of being a mother, then we have something in common.

I wanted those things, too.

I searched high and low for alternatives to the regular job. Maybe you have done the same thing, too.

Finally, I came across a solution: easy, inexpensive, home-based, zero overhead. I didn’t need to stock product. I didn’t need to go back to school. I didn’t need to hire employees.

I actually BELIEVED in the products - they had integrity and purpose.

Excitement began to build.

My children needed me. They still do.

I wondered...would it be possible for me to ‘have it all’? Could I possibly have a great income, NEVER commute again, AND spend uninterrupted time with my children?

I tested it.

The answer is YES. Read more >


the sky's the limit on your earnings: it's up to you!

No commuting - say goodbye to dry cleaning, pumps, and traffic jams: work from the beach, your porch, or your dining room table

Unlimited time with your family


I have a long list of professional accomplishments, to name a few: Marketing and Communications leader for some of America’s top corporations, Director of Communications for other companies overseas and I have worked in several senior roles with the federal government. Could I be my own boss, though? I was skeptical. I needed to see others doing this. I needed to know more.

I was desperate for a solution.

I found one. And CEO Mamma was born.


CEO Mamma is the name of my company and I do these things:

  • Help mothers who desire to work from home - or anywhere in the world with a phone line and internet connection - NOW!
  • Help you build income on the side so that you can decide WHO you want to work for, WHEN you want to work, and HOW you want to work!
  • Give you tools so that you can decide to spend as much time with your family as YOU want - not as much time as the ‘company’ allows
  • Give you tools you can use to help other people change their health
My gift to you: A Guide to Freedom, Wealth, and More Time with Your Family